Your preference makes us


We are a company that manufactures flexible polyurethane foam and also fabricate it to different industries.
Our goal is to supply quality products at competitive prices. Your trust has enabled us to acquire new technologies so we adapt to your needs.
We are committed to our customers always having as a goal long term business relationships. Since 1978 hard work and perseverance has put us at the forefront of the industry as a company. We are leaders in our field, efficiently serving the most demanding markets.


As a company we have the purpose of providing products and services of quality, fulfilling the fundamental objective of making the individual and the society is overcome. through productive work.
For us, the satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing and Our growth expectations are based on earning your preference.



Be leaders in the manufacture of polyurethane foam, household items and packaging solutions; always seeking to meet high levels of quality, caring for the environment and the development of our staff, thus contributing to the social and economic development of our environment



SERVICE: Permanent attitude of collaboration with our clients, suppliers, business partners and employees
JUSTICE: Ethical commitment to the defense of human and labor rights, with environmental care and the fight against corruption
INNOVATION: Drivers of development, communication and continuous improvement processes
ORDER: Able to establish an organized and coordinated method of work
HONESTY: We value honesty, respect and truth, rejecting any form of corruption and bribery



At Ureblock our commitment to our customers is to provide them with the best service, Contact us!

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